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SHUKYU Magazine
Fostering Creative Soccer Culture

Subscribers to SHUKYU Magazine, an elite Japanese soccer culture magazine, will be receiving one of a set of patches we’re honored to have produced. Avery Dennison recently worked to manufacture and supply five patches in partnership with Shukyu for soccer brands Nivelcrack, Chinatown Soccer Club, Liga Toquio, Le Ballon FC and Soho Warriors.


Sports have a unique ability to foster the most creative communities who rally around them. Shukyu is among the best of those communities and we’re happy to work with them on the newest issue that comes with the patch set. We’ve also done special projects with Nivelcrack, Le Ballon, Chinatown Soccer Club, and Soho Warriors in the past. The opportunity to bring all of these brands together is one we could not pass up.

The newest edition of SHUKYU Magazine was on hand at a recent Virtual Art Book Fair in Tokyo. Check out images of the patches and the magazine on our Instagram Account.

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